Malak Resort additional informations

Malak Resort additional informations

All villas in Malak Resort are equipped with high quality designer furniture and appliances:

- complete set for living room (two-seater, three-seater, armchair, table, chest of drawers and TV wall panel)

- all bedrooms have mattress beds, wardrobes and American closets

- kitchen with all elements and appliances

- toilets and bathrooms are designed with special architectural care for your needs

- spacious wardrobe

- water heaters

- air conditioners

- radiators

- underfloor heating

Common contents

Taking into account the needs of the residents of Malak Resort, a common content was planned. It consists of an outdoor sports and children's playground, and a common building with a café restaurant, children's playground and a game room.

Malak Regency Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel that is part of the Malak Group, it is located 9 minutes from the Malak Resort. Residents of Malak Resort are treated as VIP guests within the Spa by Malak, spa, wellness, health and fitness center of Malak Regency Hotel, café restaurant Orient, restaurant Malak.

Malak Farm, a unique place of organic agriculture and rural tourism is located 48 minutes away from Malak Resort in a beautiful natural environment. Residents of Malak Resort are VIP guests of Malak Farm, with special treatment, more favorable prices, but also the possibility of buying organic food.

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